My Personal Pledge

Enrolled in a Queer Communities Sociology class this quarter (Winter 2009), I opted to do a creative project for my final assignment. I hold a lot of things dear to my heart, but floating on the surface will always be equality, civil rights, and above all, LOVE. Since the passing of Proposition 8, I've been struggling, gasping for air, realizing I drown in priveliged luxury. Soul searching, I needed to know: what do I have to give up in my life to make my fight succumb to any meaning in the battle over equality, marriage, and "legal love"? A handful of protests, an ocean of tears, and infinite desperate apologies to the LGBTQI community on behalf of the state I call my home... this is what I turned in on the last day of class. It's all I know left to do:

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roytoric said...

I was so impressed (by the quality of your work), and then saddened (by the harsh reality), and then I realized I was hopeful. I'm hopeful about you and your generation; I'm hopeful about change; I'm hopeful that people will realize their basic humanity. I have have long mourned humanity's inhumanity to humanity, but sometimes (in brief flashes, evident in things like your project), I think maybe we've got a fighting chance. We just have to realize the "now" of our existence. I think if Nietzsche was right, and it's only ourselves we have to account for, then all the more reason to act humanely. Maybe with some effort we might actually marginalize hatred, fear, greed, ignorance and cruelty, instead of letting these things marginalize so many of us. Wow, I'm waxing philosophical and getting all emotionally touchy-feely. Sorry; it's late; I got choked up. I'll be better in the morning. Keep up the great work. I'll point everyone I know to your post. Peace.